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As the name suggests, anti-slip tape increases traction. It enhances friction between the ground and your shoes to reduce slipping and the risks of falling down in different environments. Well-crafted anti-slip tapes are essential in all kinds of workplaces, from schools and hospitals to warehouses and factories. Let’s check out the uses of anti-slip tape.

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But after we have used it for a while, our skateboard grip tape can become dirty due to dust or mud from the bottom of our shoes, so we need to clean it regularly, here's how to clean it properly.

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However, dirt, grime, grease, or build-up on the surface on grip tapes may affect its ability to prevent slips and falls. Dust, dirt from the bottom of shoes, and spills from food or drink are the most common culprits that make a tape dirty. In addition, grip tape on outdoor surfaces is more likely to need cleaning and care than tape on indoor surfaces. Let’s now learn how to clean grip tape:

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The carpet non-slip tape is made from TPU as the base material and coated with high tack adhesive and release paper on the back. It is easy to use, leaves no residual adhesive, stable viscosity on both sides, high tensile strength, strong adhesion and adaptability.

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Skateboard grip tape is belongs to anti slip tape.The particles are made of silicon carbide. Its high-strength,cross-linked about plastic film on climate change. It is one of the hardest substances until now .

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