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Grip Tape Information

The carpet non-slip tape is made from TPU as the base material and coated with high tack adhesive and release paper on the back. It is easy to use, leaves no residual adhesive, stable viscosity on both sides, high tensile strength, strong adhesion and adaptability.

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Skateboard grip tape is belongs to anti slip tape.The particles are made of silicon carbide. Its high-strength,cross-linked about plastic film on climate change. It is one of the hardest substances until now .

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There are many types on the market for us to choose from, different materials and production methods can make the product suitable for different scenarios, now let us understand the types of anti-slip tape.

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Grip tape,also known as anti slip tape,non slip tape. Grip tape is a kind of tape that can be well adhered to the surface of tiles, cement, glass, metal and other objects, and it also has the characteristics of anti-slip, waterproof, is the most effective tool to prevent slip and fall accidents.

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Grip tape is composed of grit, sandpaper layer, and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for the top of the skateboard deck so that your shoes can grip the skateboard, especially when you are doing some stunts, you can control your skateboard more easily.

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