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Kinesiology Tape Information

However, users may worry that Sports Muscle Tape may cause skin allergies and damage to the skin with prolonged use. In fact, these are not excessive concerns because Sports Muscle Tape is made of 95% cotton + 5% polyester and medical oil-based adhesive with a unique, latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic adhesive formula that will be safe to apply to your skin.

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Step 1:Preparation tools Step 2:Cutting Step 3:Keep skin clean and dry Step 4:Apply the tape to the knee Step 5:Removing Kinesiology Tape

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Kinesiology tape is most popular amongst Physiotherapists, athletes & sports active people. Can alleviate muscle & joints pain and provide support for muscles & joints.

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Athletic tape makes it easier for your muscles to recover to a medium state, designed to work with your body and bend with your muscles to support, rather than restrict, this area. It also gently lifts the skin, promotes better blood circulation, and improves exercise performance. They help reduce tissue pressure and provide muscle support, helping you recover faster from pain.

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K- tape we've tested on our bodies. It doesn't itch, stuffy, and there's no glue residue that makes us uncomfortable. Because the Kinesiology tape is made of raw cotton, and it is very elastic and soft, so it is very comfortable to use on the body.

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