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Do You Know The Reflection Rrinciple Of Reflective Tape?

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Do you know the reflection principle of reflective tape?The reflective part of the reflective tape is by using the reflection principle of the high refractive index glass beads regression, and then it is made by the advanced technology which is though focusing post-processing.It can reflect the distant direct ray to return to the shining place, no matter in the daytime. or the dark it has the good cunter reflection optical quality.Especially at night,it has high visibility as well as in the daytime.By using this kind of reflective tape which is made of the high visibility reflective material,it can be more easily found by the night drivers whether the user is in the distant place,or in a light or scattering light interference.The emergence of the reflective material solved smoothly the problem of seeing of being seen which driving overnight.

The application of reflective tape:It is a kind of adhesive tape which can reflective and fluorescence when it encounters the light at night and in the darkness.The function is warning and reminding.It is widely used in road,cars,ships,channel,stage and various kinds of channels and related machinery and equipments. And it is also widely used in factories and other dangerous places.

reflective tape

Our reflective tapes are including advertising grade reflective tape,honeycome reflective tape,micro-prismatic reflective tape,high intensity reflective tape and so on.Besides the reflective tape,our factory also produces anti slip tape,cloth duct tape,tarpaulin tape,foam tape,camouflage tape and aluminum foil tape which are our hot products.

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