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The difference between duct tape and ordinary tape

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The duct tape is based on the thermal composite of polyethylene and gauze fiber, coated with a high-viscosity synthetic rubber adhesive. It has strong peeling force, strong toughness, aging resistance, temperature resistance, and a relatively large adhesive force. Duct tape can be divided into double-sided and single-sided. At present, it is frequently used in automobile, papermaking, electromechanical and other industries, mainly in places with better waterproof measures.

First, look at the difference between duct tape and ordinary tape from the aspect of viscosity. Compared with ordinary tape, duct tape has higher viscosity. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted according to the actual use, and products with different viscosity can be customized. Secondly, from the perspective of stretching, the ordinary tape has low tensile strength and can only be used for the packing of ordinary objects. There is no way to complete the packing and binding of some large and heavy objects. The duct tape has strong toughness. When you encounter large and heavy objects, you can use duct tape instead of ordinary tape. Finally, the ordinary tape needs to be cut with a utility knife when using it, and the duct tape can be easily torn vertically by hand without using any tools, which is quite convenient.

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In addition, duct tape also has the characteristics of bright colors, grease resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. not only has ordinary duct tape, but also fluorescent, matt and other options. Come and consult!

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