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What can duct tape be used for

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As an insulating, waterproof, easy-to-tear and strong adhesive tape, duct tape has been widely used in repair and daily life. Today we will talk about what can duct tape be used for.

One of the most common uses of tape is packaging. Since the emergence of the express delivery industry, the number of purchases of packaging tape has increased. In addition to the conventional transparent tape, duct tape is also one of the first choices for packaging tape as a tape with good sealing and shading properties. And compared with ordinary sealing tape, duct tape has stronger horizontal stretch resistance and can be used to pack and bundle heavy objects; it is easy to tear longitudinally, unlike ordinary tape that is difficult to tear.

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The duct tape also has good insulation, so it can be used to fix the circuit. Whether at home or in a company, the places with lines are usually messy and difficult to manage. At this time, duct tape comes in handy. You can straighten out the line and fix it on the wall or the ground with this tape, so that it will be easy to clean or pass. And this kind of tape is very sticky even on concrete floors or painted walls, you don’t have to worry about can't sticking.

I saw a very interesting outdoor variety show before. The guests inside once had to challenge to cross a small river with homemade tools. One of the props provided by the show team was duct tape. In the show, guests used tape to wrap many plastic bottles and foam boards as a raft to successfully cross the river. This shows that the duct tape has strong waterproof and airtight properties, and can even be used as a waterproof barrier for boats in extreme cases.

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