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What is barricade tape?

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Barricade tape is one of the non-adhesive tapes, usually with bright colors to attract people's attention and warn passers-by of the danger here please be careful, widely used in warning areas of unexpected events, bank isolation, road construction, environmental protection projects, road maintenance, accident sites, etc. Common colors are yellow, red, orange, purple, black and yellow, and red and white twill, printed with black or white warning text, such as "danger", "caution", "no entry ""Police", etc.

Is the barricade tape waterproof?

Barricade warning tapes are made of durable, flexible, tear-resistant PE or PET base material. Different sizes and thicknesses of barricade tape are required for different locations. Barricade tapes often have a bright background and pre-printed bold warning text. Plain barricade tape can also be purchased with the text you want printed on it. However, care should be taken when using custom tape, as the design of the barrier tape may need to comply with local laws. Barricade tape is waterproof and resistant to alkalis, acids and UV rays, so it can be used indoors and outdoors, even underground.

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Common specifications

Regular Size
Barricade tape7.6cm*305m(3″ x 1000′ )0.03mm24rolls14.5kg41*28*32cm
Barricade tape7.6cm*305m(3″ x 1000′ )0.04mm16rolls12.8kg31*31*32cm
Barricade tape7.6cm*305m(3″ x 1000′ )0.05mm12rolls12.5kg33*33*32cm
Barricade tape7.6cm*305m(3″ x 1000′ )0.06mm12rolls14.5kg35*35*32cm

Is customization supported?

Custom printed text is available,you can print as much text as you like, but this may cost an additional $150 for the mold.

The most commonly used print copy:CAUTION, PRECAUCION, PELIGRO, POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS, CAUTION NO PARKING, CAUTION-BURIED FIBER OPTIC CABLE. etc.You can choose one of them, this one is free.

Why choose us?

With 17 years of experience in manufacturing adhesive tapes, we can provide high quality barricade tapes.

We have advanced instruments and equipment to print high definition text.

A variety of existing text templates are free to use, which can reduce your cost budget.

Low minimum order quantity, free samples available

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