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What are the uses of anti-slip tape?

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As the name suggests, anti-slip tape increases traction. It enhances friction between the ground and your shoes to reduce slipping and the risks of falling down in different environments. Well-crafted anti-slip tapes are essential in all kinds of workplaces, from schools and hospitals to warehouses and factories. Let’s check out the uses of anti-slip tape.


1. Stairs - You may have seen anti-slip tapes on stairs at various places. They are there for good reason and prevent you or anyone else from falling down and seriously injuring themselves. Anti-slip tape on each stair helps to reduce falls when workers, customers, or anyone else are wearing casual shoes that lack significant traction at the bottom.


2. Building entrances - Water and dirt enter buildings and facilities by piggybacking a ride on people’s shoes. Water and dirt also reduce friction between the shoes and the ground and increase the chances of slipping. That’s why you'll often find anti-slip tapes installed at building entrances to protect visitors, workers, and residents from injuring themselves.


3. Ramps - You’re always at the risk of slipping and falling down on the level ground when there’s wet or dry matter that reduces the traction of a surface. However, the risk is amplified when the ground is elevated at an angle. The higher the angle, the more you’re at risk of slipping and falling down. Fortunately, you can minimize such risks by cutting anti-slip tapes and sticking them on ramps. Slipping is a major concern on ramps since they often cater to people with mobility issues. Anti-slip tapes help you mitigate such risks.


4. Garages - Garages can get wet very quickly. Cars and motorbikes move in and out of garages and leave behind dirt, debris, and mud. Moreover, oil spills are very common in garages, and that further leads to fall and slipping risks. You may not get the opportunity to mop and clean up garages as often as they get messy. Anti-slip tapes can address such issues and reduce safety risks inside garages.


5. Manufacturing facilities - Certain floors are more susceptible to fall risks than others. For instance, food processing and woodworking facilities have all kinds of scraps littering the floor all the time. From wet and dry to solid and liquid waste is always falling on the ground. This debris and waste make the floor extremely slippery and can endanger workers. That’s where anti-slip tapes come in.


Anti-slip tapes allow you to increase traction on floors and other surfaces and make them more accessible and safer. In some cases, anti-slip tapes may be necessary by law. For instance, OSHA requires a certain coefficient of friction for working surfaces. While there are many ways to achieve that, anti-slip tapes make up a big part of it.


When choosing anti-slip tapes, make sure to choose one that adheres to all the regulations and is certified with the coefficient of friction you need. Kunshan Yuhuan anti-slip tapes are one of the best choices in the international market. You can use our product everywhere, from ramps and stairs to kitchens and other workplaces.

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