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Whether in industrial settings, commercial spaces, or even at home, slippery surfaces pose a constant hazard. Anti Slip Tape is the easiest way to prevent slips, trips and falls on slippery floors. It is ideal for stairs, walkways, jetties and ramps. Choose from a range of colours and sizes including Anti Slip Strips, Panels or Full Rolls. With our fast delivery and self-adhesive backings, Anti Slip Tape can be applied to your floors in no time. - Click to learn more about Anti Slip Tape.

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Is Non-Slip Tape Necessity?

Slippery surfaces can lead to a range of accidents, from minor slips and trips to severe falls resulting in injuries. These accidents not only harm individuals but can also result in financial losses for businesses. This is where staircase anti-slip tape plays a crucial role.

At EONBON, a leading anti-slip tape supplier with 18 years of production experience, safety is our top priority. Our professional research team understands the critical role that waterproof anti-slip tape plays in reducing the risk of accidents. Whether it's a factory floor, a retail store, or a residential staircase, the importance of outdoor anti-slip tape in ensuring safety cannot be overstated.

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Types of Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-slip tapes come in various types and materials to suit different applications. These tapes can be categorized based on materials like PVC, PET, or even abrasive minerals. Choosing the right type of tape is crucial to match the specific needs of your environment.

At EONBON, we offer a wide range of anti-slip tapes, including staircase anti-slip tape and anti-slip tape for ramps, each designed to excel in different conditions. Our products are made using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, no matter where they are applied. For outdoor applications, our transparent anti-slip tape provides the perfect blend of safety and aesthetics.

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Application of Non-Slip Tape

The versatility of anti-slip tape is one of its most significant advantages. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including floors, stairs, ramps, and even on handles and railings. 

  • Stadiums

  • swimming pools

  • Workplace locker rooms

  • Corridors

  • Ramps

  • Mezzanine stairs

  • Improved underfoot grip on steps

  • Around entry points to stores, warehouses, offices, nightclubs, schools, etc.

  • Pedestrian-only areas in car showrooms and external forecourts

  • Decorated areas

  • Garage and maintenance center floors

  • Emergency stairs and fire escapes

  • Apartment stairways

  • Darkrooms, science labs and other related facilities

  • Kitchen floors

  • Walk-in freezers and food storage areas

  • Mezzanines and metal walkways in the workplace

  • Walkways in the winter months

  • Hospital and internal medicine wards

  • Laundry facilities

  • Food preparation areas

  • Loading in bays

  • Steps into vehicle

  • Edge of ramp for rear loading of vehicles

  • Ladders frequently used in the workplace

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Advantages of Non-Slip Tape

One of the key advantages of anti-slip tape is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to alternative safety measures like installing new flooring or using anti-slip coatings, anti-slip tape is an economical choice. Its high safety factor and ease of installation make it a preferred option for businesses and homeowners alike.

Moreover, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've taken steps to prevent accidents is priceless. Anti-slip tape not only reduces the risk of injuries but also helps businesses avoid potential lawsuits and damage to their reputation due to accidents on their premises.

The Real Cost of Anti-Skid Tape

When considering a safety solution, you can't just consider the upfront cost. The actual cost of anti-slip tapes includes factors such as maintenance, replacement and, most importantly, the cost of accidents that could occur in the absence of anti-slip tapes. Purchasing high-quality anti-slip tapes from a reliable supplier such as EONBON is an investment in safety that can result in significant cost savings in the long run. EONBON TAPEAs a professional anti-slip tape manufacturer, we have the best wholesale prices. At EONBON, the price per square meter of anti-slip tape is about $4 USD!

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One Stop Shop for Non-Slip Tape Manufacturers

In conclusion, choosing the right anti-slip tape supplier is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Safety is paramount, and EONBON, with its 18 years of experience and a leading position in China, is a trusted partner in this regard. With certifications like ISO9001, BSCI, CE, and MSDS, we are committed to delivering high-quality anti-slip tape that meets various testing regulations. Make an informed choice and prioritize safety by selecting EONBON as your non-slip tape supplier.

Remember, when it comes to safety, there's no room for compromise. Choose EONBON for your anti-slip tape needs, including anti-slip abrasive tape and transparent anti-slip tape, and experience the difference in quality, durability, and peace of mind.  WhatsAPP:+86 159 6260 3054


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