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Does athletic tape work?

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Athletic Tape

Athletic tape, also known as kinesiology tape and sports tape, is often seen when we watch sporting events and is most popular among athletes and sports fans.

It can be used to prevent injuries and reduce pain during the game, allowing athletes to play better and achieve better results.

How does athletic tape work?

Athletic tape makes it easier for your muscles to recover to a medium state, designed to work with your body and bend with your muscles to support, rather than restrict, this area. It also gently lifts the skin, promotes better blood circulation, and improves exercise performance. They help reduce tissue pressure and provide muscle support, helping you recover faster from pain.

kinesiology tape
Athletic Tape Function

(1) Promote normal muscle function

(2) Increases lymph flow and improves circulation

(3) Relieve and regulate pain 

(4) Correct the dislocation of the joint

(5) Help muscles perform normal functions

(6) Assist and regulates tendons and ligaments

(7) Adjust fascia to restore normal function

(8) Increase body surface perception and perception

(9) Psychological effect

How to use?

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