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What is carpet non-slip tape?

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Are you still worried about falling because of sliding carpets? Did you know that there is a tape that can be applied directly to the carpet, increasing the friction between the carpet and the ground, preventing the carpet from sliding and reducing safety hazards?

The carpet non-slip tape is made from TPU as the base material and coated with high tack adhesive and release paper on the back. It is easy to use, leaves no residual adhesive, stable viscosity on both sides, high tensile strength, strong adhesion and adaptability.

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How to use the carpet anti-slip tape?

Step 1: Clean the back of the carpet

Before using carpet tape, make sure the back of the carpet is free of dust to ensure the best results.

Step 2: Cut the carpet tape

Turn the carpet upside down with the back side facing us and cut the right length of carpet tape to suit the size of the edge of the carpet.

Step 3: Apply

Remove the release paper from the back of the tape and place the adhesive side on the back of the carpet, with the non-adhesive side facing the floor.

Step 4: Pressing

After the tape has been applied, press the surface of the tape with your hand to make a tighter fit between the glue and the carpet, for better results.

Step 5: Tape all four sides

Repeat the above 3 steps to apply non-slip tape to all edges of the carpet, then turn the carpet over and use it directly.

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