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Effective reflective distance of reflective tape

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Maybe when everyone first learned about reflective tape, they would have a question, that is, how far away can the reflective tape be seen? There are very few relevant answers to this question. Today we will discuss this question.

There is actually no fixed answer to the question of the effective reflection distance of the reflective tape. This is because the grade of reflective tape used on different roads is different, and the reflective distance is actually affected by the weather and the angle of the light. It is certainly feasible to simply measure the reflection distance, but it may mislead everyone, so many manufacturers will not give the actual value. The working principle of reflective tape is to directionally reflect light. Generally, when testing reflective tape, try to be at an angle parallel to the light. However, when the driver is actually driving, the height of the vehicle and the angle at which the driver is looking at the reflective mark are different, and the distance at which the reflected light can be effectively received is naturally different. However, according to research, the driver can clearly see the contents of the reflective sign at about 200m. Another reason is the weather. There will definitely be a gap in the receiving distance on rainy, foggy and sunny days.

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Although the effective reflection distance of the reflective tape cannot be clearly known, customers do not need to worry, the reflective tape of Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. has passed professional international certification, so you can rest assured to order.

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