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What tape is non-slip?

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Recently, I have often seen the question of whether the XX tape is anti-skid. You can actually find the answer by looking at the surface of the tape. For example, anti-slip tape, matte rough surface, the anti-skid coefficient is very high. For example, reflective tape, in order to ensure the reflection coefficient, the surface of the reflective tape is made of a highly transparent substrate, some of which are even comparable to glass, so how can it be non-slip.

If you want to be non-slip, of course it is better to purchase a special anti-slip tape. And if you want both reflective effect and anti-slip, it is actually possible. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. specially developed a reflective anti-slip tape to meet the needs of customers. A reflective tape is inlaid in the middle of the black anti-slip tape to take into account the dual functions. Someone asked if it is possible to stick tape on the sole of the shoe to prevent slippage. Of course, it is possible to stick tape on the sole. Yuhuan has a special anti-slip tape for the sole, which can be cut into strips or ellipses to fit the shape of the sole, and it is easy to use. There is also someone asked whether the scotch tape can be slip-resistant, it is definitely not. The scotch tape itself is very smooth, how can it have a non-slip effect.


Before you ask questions, you must think about it in combination with the actual situation. In addition, it is very convenient to buy anti-slip tape, which can be found on any retail platform. The unit price of bulk order is also very cost-effective. What are you hesitating about using tape to prevent slippage? Quickly click on the contact information below to inquire!

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