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How to Apply Reflective Tape on Cars?

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In order to drive safely and reduce the danger on the road, there are now more and more users who put reflective tape on their cars, but there are also many people who will worry that after putting on this tape, the vehicle will not pass the annual audit. In fact, do not worry, the following by Kunshan Yuhuan to tell you in the car on the method of reflective tape, let us learn together.

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Note before sticking:

1, in the decision to dress up the car before a week do not wax, wax will make the sticker sticky; sticker paste good within three days, please do not wash the car, do not stick in the rainy days, so the effect will not be good Oh! 

2, such as stickers need to stick on the door seams or other places need to move, do not worry, stick well with a quick knife to cut. 

Sticker method. 

Prepare tools: dilute detergent water, tape, towels or rags, plastic ruler or rubber scraper, hot hair dryer; (1) with a towel or rag to clean the surface of the body. ( such as the body, lead or not cover, windows, rear, roof, etc. ).

(2) If there is moisture please dry it, and put the sticker to the place where you want to paste, use the tape to fix the side.

(3) Slowly tear off the separation paper from the sticker.

(4) You can spray some small amount of diluted detergent water at this time. (Paste if you miss, you can use this to move the sticker slightly, but also help squeeze out the air).

(5) Use a plastic ruler or rubber scraper to slowly stick on the sticker and squeeze out the air.

(6) Carefully tear off the transfer film, dry with a hair dryer hot air , and

(7) Finish ^_^ (paste quality directly affects the life of the sticker, do not wash the car within three days after the sticker). 

Wet paste method: with transparent transfer film of large car stickers installation method 

Tools: rags, watering cans, scrapers or credit cards 

1, clean the body, in the body parts to be pasted evenly sprinkled with water - to reduce the viscosity of the sticker, easy to adjust the position. 

2, determine the location of the need to paste. Slowly stick, while gently scraping with tools, while uncovering the bottom paper. 

3, encounter door handles or rubbing strips to cut the material according to the situation and wrap into. 

4, appropriate adjustments, the general location of the graphics to determine the correct, force repeatedly scraping water and air bubbles. (With a transparent transfer sticker will transfer sticker tear off) 

5, in the door and car seam with a hobby knife to cut a knife, inward package service paste. Or cut off the excess material along the edge of the seam. 

6, do not let the car sticker and the body have any separation or protrusion. 

7, try to let the water in the car sticker dry, there are conditions can be moderately heated drying. Depending on the weather conditions, wash the car after a day or two. 

In fact, the vehicle sticker reflective tape is a common behavior, but if the film after the window glass visible light transmission ratio does not meet the standard, you can not pass the annual audit. So when you put reflective tape, you still need to pay attention to a scale. I hope the above method of applying reflective tape can help you, if you have any questions, you can consult with Kunshan Yuhuan.

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