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How to remove butyl tape?

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Butyl tape is a tape with high bond strength, tensile strength, elasticity, elongation, and adaptability to interface deformation and cracking, providing a contamination-free and airtight seal for RVs, windows, boat seals, glazing and EDPM rubber roofing. Butyl sealant tape can be installed quickly and ideally in tight corners, unusual curves, textured, uneven and most jagged surfaces. Once the installation is complete, you'll have a smooth, clean and easy installation. However, many people always struggle with tape removal leaving residue and looking unattractive, so how should we remove butyl tape to remove the adhesive marks?


Tips to remove butyl tape

1. Use a putty knife to scrape off the surface of the tape. Slowly pull up the tape and stick as much adhesive as possible when tearing it off.

2. You can use organic solvents to clean up, such as: gasoline, xylene (paint thinner) and other liquids, adhesive remover or paint thinner to cover the remaining adhesive. Scrape off the softened adhesive with a putty knife.

If in the removal, found that the kind of adhesive time long, stubborn adhesive marks are not easy to clean, you can use the following recommendations.

1, we are able to use alcohol removal method. With a soft cloth or dipped in a sufficient amount of 95% alcohol, and then gently scrub the stickers, stickers will be easy to soften and detach, while the alcohol generally will not have any damage to the plastic parts or paint surface.

2, we can use gasoline or kerosene to wipe off the adhesive paper, you can also buy 1200 water sandpaper spray water to wipe off the traces, buy a can of transparent varnish, dilute with banana oil, brush with a row of pens that return to bright. Do not use to go to the nail polish wipe brush, although you can go to the glue marks, but unfortunately the door above will leave a white spot traces.

3. with eraser, many traces can be erased with an eraser, since the traces of adhesive tape can also be. Try to rub more, slowly rub, generally can be erased. It should be noted that some easily faded parts of the color can also be erased, so be careful to use.

4. indentation for a long time, if a long time, then the general self-adhesive tape adhesive seal will be very hard and strong. In this way, you can use a towel dipped in warm water to gently cover the adhesive marks, and then remove the wet towel. Rub slowly. It should be noted that this method is not recommended if you are afraid of wet things.

5. Detergent, sometimes, can also remove the adhesive sealant. You can dip some detergent in a rag and wipe off the adhesive marks of the self-adhesive tape.

We hope the above tips and suggestions can help you to remove butyl tape properly.

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