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How to apply anti slip tape to stairs?

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As the economy develops faster and faster, people's safety consciousness is also increasing, and accidents of accidental falls and falls on stairs are constantly reported in the news, so they slowly began to have anti-slip decorative strips and anti-slip mats appear, but the annoying thing is that anti-slip decorative strips are complicated to install and anti-slip mats are not easy to clean, so there is easy to install, not afraid of water and oil, easy to clean the appearance of anti-slip tape. It can reduce the occurrence of accidental falls and falls, but many people want to stick anti-slip tape on the stairs, but after the sticker always buckle, fall off, paste is not solid, today we learn how to stick anti-slip tape on the stairs.

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Before applying anti-slip tape, you need to clean the stairs first, so as to properly ensure the adhesion of the tape and reduce the occurrence of warping events, and extend the life of the tape.

Tips of cleaning stairs :

Tip 1: when cleaning the stair treads, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or wringing cloth to remove dust, not to use water to flush, you can place a scuff pad at the entrance of the stairs to reduce the sand on the friction damage to the treads.

Tip 2: If there is a special stain on the step, you need to use a soft neutral cleaner and warm water to wipe, can not use wire balls, acid and strong alkali cleaning.

Tip 3: Remove the surface stains on the stairs can use gasoline, white wine or the same solvent.

Need to pay attention to: after cleaning the stairs need to wait for a thorough drying before applying anti-slip tape.

Tips for applying non-slip tape on stairs.

Tools needed: scissors, rollers, tape measure

1.The general width of anti-slip tape is 5cm, which is sufficient for use on the stairs, but if your stairs are wide enough, you can first measure the width of the stairs with a tape measure, use the stairs 1/2 width of anti-slip tape, then measure the length and cut out the corresponding size of the tape with scissors.

2 If you are worried about the sticky will happen after the warping, you can cut the right angle of the anti-slip tape into rounded corners, so you do not have to worry about warping, if you are afraid of trouble, you can also directly buy Kunshan Yuhuan punch type good.


3. Tear off the backing paper from a section of the tape, and press the tape as you go until it is applied to the entire staircase

4. Use a roller to roll on the non-slip tape, you can start from the center, roll to both sides, the purpose of this is to tape and stairs between the surface of the residual air out, so that the tape and the ground more closely.


We hope the above tips and tricks can help you, stick anti-slip tape must be cleaned on the surface of the stairs, which also includes other application scenarios, this step must not be missing, so that you can better use anti-slip tape, if there are any questions want to understand, you can directly click the link below, and Kunshan Yuhuan team contact.


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