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How to use kinesiology tape on knee?

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Kinesiology tape

When you need to do some strenuous exercise, it is necessary to warm up or do some other protection beforehand so that you can avoid some injuries. kinesiology Tape is a great choice with its unique, latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic adhesive formula that will be safe to apply to your skin.

And it provides great support and relief for conditions such as lower back pain, ankle sprains, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, kinesiology soreness, kinesiology strains and joint pain.

How to use the kinesiology tape is a very important part, if you use the wrong method, you may let your body suffer more serious damage, let's learn how to use the kinesiology tape.

How to use kinesiology tape on knee?

cut kinesiology tape

Step 1:Preparation tools

  • Scissors or hobby knife

  • Kinesiology tape

  • Shaver

cut kinesiology tape1

Step 2:Cutting

Cut the tape to the size needed for the body part you need to tape. If you are using a roll of kinesiology tape, unroll and cut the desired amount of tape. Then, use scissors to cut off the corners so that the ends of the tape are rounded. This will help prevent the tape from fraying and peeling off at the ends.


Step 3:Keep skin clean and dry

Remove excess hair from the skin. Small amounts of body hair should not affect the adhesion of the tape. That being said, excessive amounts of hair may make it difficult for the tape to stick to the skin. Clip excessive hair so that it is close to the body. This will also make the removal less painful.


Step 4:Apply the tape to the knee

 Apply the tape to the affected area of the skin at 50% stretch, not too tight or too loose, so that the tape can stretch with the natural movement of your body, otherwise it will affect the use effect.

remove sport tape

Step 5:Removing Kinesiology Tape

After tearing a small opening in the sport sticker tape, slowly remove the remaining sport sticker tape in the opposite direction.


You shouldn’t use kinesiology tape if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Take care using kinesiology tape if you have a bone fracture.

  • Kinesiology tape should not replace medical treatment. 

  • Open wounds

  • Don’t apply kinesiology tape to skin that is damaged by scrapes, cuts, burns, rashes, or other irritations.

Professional kinesiology tape manufacturer

When you choose kinesiology tape for yourself or your family, be sure to choose a tape that is flexible, easy to clean and does not easily have residue. Kunshan Yuhuan kinesiology Tape is one of the best choices on the international market. You can use this tape on several parts of your body with confidence. It adheres easily to the surface of the skin, it is very elastic and very soft, and the unique water ripple design on its back allows us to remove it from the skin easily.

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