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What is kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape is a type of tape that can be applied to areas such as an athlete's joints to prevent muscle strains and relieve muscle pain. When you sprain your ankle during exercise, athletic myotape tapes are a great option. They help reduce tissue stress, provide kinesiology support and help you recover from pain faster, they are very stretchable and breathable, and they gently lift the skin to promote better circulation and improve athletic performance.

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Composition of k-tape

A common k-tape consists of 3 parts, the top layer is a base material consisting of 95% cotton + 5% spandex silk or 97% cotton + 3% nylon, underneath is a layer of medical grade oil-based primer, commonly used are Toyo Ink oil-based glue and Henkel hypoallergenic glue, and the bottom layer is a release paper for easy application.

How to produce muscle sticker tape?

Step 1: Gluing

Using a gluing machine, a layer of medical grade hypoallergenic glue is applied to the back of the substrate. The glue is wavy in texture, which makes the tape waterproof and breathable, and is easy to remove from the skin without leaving residual glue, then a layer of release paper is attached to the other side of the glue.

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Step 2: Rewind

The glue applied product is a very large master roll, we need to use the rewinding machine to rewind the master roll into semi-finished products of any length according to the customer's requirements.


Step 3: Single Knife Slitting

Single cut slitting is a very economical way of converting master rolls into slit rolls, capable of slitting down to 2 mm width with an accuracy of 0.05 mm or less. A wide range of our products can be

A wide range of our products can be slit to the size you need using this machine, such as muscle sticker tape, nano tape, non-slip tape, fabric based tape, etc .

  • High precision

  • Fast speed

  • Neat slitting

  • Reduce waste and save cost

Single Knife Slit.png

Step 4: Packaging

Pack the cut rolls in different cartons according to different specifications, or we can customize colorful boxes according to customers' requirements, and pack each roll individually.

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Step 5: Transportation

The tape is shipped to the customer via container.

The best kinesiology tape manufacturer

When you choose kinesiology tape for yourself or your family, be sure to choose a tape that is flexible, easy to clean and does not easily have residue. Kunshan Yuhuan Kinesiology Tape is one of the best choices in the international market. You can use this tape on several parts of your body with confidence. It adheres easily to the surface of the skin, it is very elastic and very soft, and the unique water ripple design on its back allows us to remove it from the skin easily.

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