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Nano tape washable tape

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Recently, a kind of tape has become popular on the market, which is the nano tape called magic tape. Magic editor doesn't know, but it's definitely interesting. As the editor of a tape factory, I naturally want to explain nano tape for everyone.

 Nano tape is made of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and has excellent viscoelasticity. Effectively dissipate energy and disperse stress. Fully airtight pores, colloidal structure can effectively block water vapor, and can achieve sealing at the same time of adhesion. It adopts new technology nanotechnology, can be reused, has no residual glue, and does not leave marks; it can replace screws and rivets, and the paste will not cause damage to the finish; it can be cut at will, DIY creation; high transparency, thickness can be customized.

nano tape

 The substrate of the nano tape is PET release film, the color is transparent, the glue is acrylic glue, the thickness is generally 0.5/1/1.5/1.8/2MM, the width is 2CM/3CM, and the length is 2/3/5/10M. The size can be customized.

 The above is the basic introduction of nano-tape. In many marketing, nano-tape always has a magical tone. In fact, the main feature of nano-adhesive is that it can be used after repeated washing, as well as transparency and good extensibility.Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd.produces a variety of nano-tape packaging to meet your needs. If you are 

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