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On 23rd May 2022, JMC International Trading Company (India) and Kunshan Yuhuan Packaging Material Co.

JMC is a well-known international trading company in India, mainly selling safety products, mainly including reflective tape, PE caution tape, road cones and telltale signs, with annual sales of over 200 million RMB. Due to the impact of the new crown virus, the demand for PE caution tape was increasing. JMC needed to purchase a new batch of PE caution tape to meet the demand of the local market, so they contacted Kunshan Yuhuan, and after an in-depth communication, Kunshan Yuhuan was recognised for the quality of its products and excellent service.

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Kunshan Yuhuan is a strong manufacturer with 17 years of experience in the production of functional adhesive tapes, insisting on manufacturing the best quality products with the spirit of craftsmanship. It is also because of this commitment that Kunshan Yuhuan stood out among the many competitors and was recognised by JMC.

The quality of the products is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the company, and the union between the companies is the basis for a win-win situation for both sides. Through this cooperation, it is believed that both sides will achieve a win-win situation, jointly promoting the development of the local foreign trade economy and increasing confidence in the joint fight against the epidemic and the victory over the epidemic.

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