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Skateboard grip tape-pattern can be customized

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When you see a skateboard, you can think of what it is made of? One board and four pulleys. Yes, it can be said that, but the most important point is actually ignored by everyone, that is the skateboard's non-slip sandpaper, which is also the skateboard grip tape. Why don’t you fall when watching a handsome skater skateboarding? In addition to their technology, it also has the effect of non-slip sandpaper.

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Skateboarding originated in the 1960s and evolved from surfing on the sea. Due to its smoothness, the skateboarders had to find ways to add friction to the board to maintain stability. From the early anti-skid sprays to the present Sticking on the skateboard seems to be a very "exotic" operation. With the popularization of skateboarding culture, the friction problem has been solved over time, that is, putting a layer of sandpaper on the skateboard. Skateboard sandpaper has gone through decades since its appearance. With the increase in demand, there are now many brands of skateboard grip tape, and the development of science and technology has made these sandpapers more tricky. For example, transparent sandpaper, digital spray, etc.

Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. uses high-performance anti-slip sand gravel such as diamond and silicon carbide, glass sand, quartz sand, etc. for the skateboard grip tape of Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd., and uses PVC, PP, PET, etc. as the substrate, and adopts German 3.0 sand planting technology To present you a high-end anti slip tape that integrates art and performance. Yuhuan Tape Factory sells all kinds of non-slip tapes, reflective tapes, nano tapes, aluminum foil tapes, cloth tapes, foam tapes, etc. Welcome to our company for consultation and purchase!

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