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Swimming pool steps anti-slip tape

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Everyone knows anti-slip tape, it is used for anti-slip. With the improvement of people's awareness of safety concerns, more and more such tapes are entering the family. Therefore, a lot of anti-slip tapes for different purposes have been produced, one of which is the bathroom anti-slip tape. Although there is a bathroom in the name, in fact, it can be used in any place similar to the bathroom scene, such as the small bridge or the swimming pool. Let’s take a swimming pool as an example today, and talk about the issues that need to be paid attention to when applying anti-slip tape near the water!

Swimming pools often bring a lot of water up, so the ground is slippery all year round; and swimming is barefoot, which is easy to fall. If someone accidentally falls, it will be a A tragic accident. In order to reduce the occurrence of such accidents, bathroom anti-slip tape comes in handy.

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This anti-slip tape of Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. uses PEVA as the base material. This base material is environmentally friendly, can be biodegraded, and the material is flexible, so people can stand on it with bare feet. The second is that it does not contain heavy metals, has no odor, and will not cause harm to the human body. There is also the most concern about whether it can be firmly stick on the wet ground. The base material of PEVA is resistant to water, salt and other substances, so it can be used in large amounts, just take the ground kept dry when pasting.

The bathroom anti-slip tape is specially produced for application in humid environments, and has undergone strict material selection and factory testing. If you need to purchase this anti-slip tape, you can click on the contact information below.

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