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The advantages of glass bead reflective tape

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Reflective tapes generally use two materials: micro-prism-type reflective film and glass bead-type reflective film. Glass bead-type reflective film appeared earlier. The reflective tape made of this kind of reflective film can reflect light from all directions. Back to the origin, it is currently the world's most reflective material with the highest reflective performance. It has the advantages of high reflectivity, strong weather resistance, and large reflective angle.

The reflective tape made of glass beads has a high refractive index. When a beam of light hits the front surface of the beads, it will focus on the reflective layer on the back surface of the beads due to the high refraction of the beads. The reflective layer reflects the light back in parallel along the direction of the incident light, forming a retro-reflection. When many glass beads reflect at the same time, there will be light, so that the place where the reflective tape is attached can be noticed at night.

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In severe weather conditions with low visibility, the value of reflective tape is particularly obvious. Many developed countries stipulate that reflective tape must be used on the front and rear of the vehicle body. Because the reflective tape will reflect light under the illumination of the car lights, the eye-catching light can improve visibility and enhance driving safety. Reflective tapes are used in road traffic, fire protection, railways, coal mines and other departments. They can also be seen in labor protection products and civilian products.

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