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What are the important components of anti-slip tape?

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Anyone who knows Kunshan Yuhuan knows that anti-slip tape is one of our main products, sold at home and abroad. Today, we don't talk about anti-slip because everyone knows the importance of anti-slip. We will talk about the very important part of anti-slip tape: pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), professional explanation: pressure sensitive, viscoelastic body with liquid viscosity and solid elasticity at the same time.

Like the pictures you see, it is soft and elastic, just like the brown candy we ate when we were young (the picture looks very comfortable, please watch it with an adult, don’t eat it!)


Speaking of glue, it has a long history, and everyone is no stranger to it, it is a plaster. Plasters have appeared in 2000, and the "Huangdi Nei Jing" has prototype records, but if the glue from that time is sold now, the price is comparable to gold. Early plasters were mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. They were made from Chinese herbal medicines, rosin, and animal glues, which can be regarded as the embryonic form of pressure-sensitive adhesives. In the 19th century, as the industry matured, people developed and developed pressure-sensitive adhesives made of rubber and resin, opening the era of mass production of adhesive products.


When it comes to the performance of pressure-sensitive adhesives, we mainly use the test to show the quality of the adhesive. They are: Tack, Cohesion, Adhesion; and Kunshan Yuhuan has experimental equipment to measure these three qualities.

experiment equipment

For a practical adhesive product, they must meet: Tack


For example: when Adhesion>Cohesion, it means that the peeling force is greater than the holding force, and what we call residual glue will appear. The glue used in Kunshan Yuhuan's anti-slip tape will not show residual glue. Welcome to buy!


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