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Three major public places where anti-slip tape is used

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So far, anti-slip tape is used most in public places, large enterprises and construction teams. Companies and organizations that know how to apply anti-slip tape in the right place must be humane and careful. Do you know which public places around you can use anti-slip tape? ? Yuhuan tape will answer for you.

anti-slip tape

1. Hospital

Anti-slip and drop-proof, the most suitable public place for applying anti-slip tape is first of all hospitals. The floors of hospitals are mostly smooth ceramic tiles. In pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics, and inpatient departments, where there are elderly, children, pregnant women, and patients with disabilities, we must pay attention to anti-skid.

2. School

Kindergartens and elementary schools and middle schools should pay special attention. Kindergarten children are young, walk unsteady, and fall easily. Although most kindergartens are not built high, there are basically three-story buildings, so you must pay attention to anti-skid on the stairs and ground. Elementary and middle school children are very energetic and often run and jump very recklessly. Therefore, these schools should also pay attention to anti-slip. In addition to stairs and classrooms, it is best to put some anti-slip tape on the ground of the canteen of middle and elementary schools to do a good job of anti-slip treatment.

3. Nursing home

Elderly people live in nursing homes, and when they are older, their legs and feet are not flexible, so you must pay attention to anti-slip places where them usually pass. The anti-slip tape used in nursing homes can choose luminous type, so that it can help the elderly see the road clearly at night. Anti-slip is only used as a preventive measure, it is best to have someone to accompany the elderly.

The above are the three places where you must pay attention to the use of anti-slip tape. I hope Yuhuan tape’s answer can be helpful to you.

anti-slip tape


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