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What is caution tape used for?

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Safety warning tape is also known as caution tape, barricade or barrier tape. It is widely used in sudden incidents, bank isolation, highway construction, environmental protection projects, road maintenance, accident sites and other areas where safety hazards have been identified but are not very obvious to those who may enter the area. 

Safety warning tape can be divided into many types according to different application scenarios, such as polyester caution tape, PE warning tape, PVC warning tape, they are made of different materials and have different characteristics, let me take you through the different safety warning tapes.caution tape.jpeg

Polyester warning tape

It is made of polyester as the base material, the thickness is about 12 silk, this tape can provide storage box, can be reused many times, easy to carry and recycle, widely used in sudden events, accident sites and other warning areas.

PE warning tape

It is made of polyethylene as the base material, the thickness is about 3-8 silk, this tape is cheaper, but one-time use, can not be reused, widely used in highway construction, environmental protection engineering, road maintenance and other areas.

PVC warning tape

It is made of PVC as the base material, coated with natural rubber, the most used colors are black and yellow twill, red and white twill, thickness is about 14 silk, this tape can be pasted on the surface of many objects, it is a durable warning tape, widely used in plant area division, bank isolation and other areas.

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