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What is high temperature masking tape?

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Masking tape may be available to most people. In our daily life and study and work, it not only comes in a variety of colors, but also has a good practical effect. Recently, many people are consulting high temperature masking tape. What is high temperature masking tape?

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High temperature masking tape is a very versatile masking tape. The main raw materials are also very simple. It is mainly made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue. The masking paper is coated with pressure-sensitive Glue, the other side will be coated with a small tape of anti-sticking material. But don’t underestimate these materials. Although it sounds simple, it has strong high temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 248/356 ℉ (120/180 ℃), and it is also resistant to solvents, not to worry After removing, there will be embarrassing phenomena such as residual glue. It can be easily removed in warm or cold environments and will leave a perfect impression on the user. The backing, usually crepe paper, can be laminated. Curved and irregular surfaces. The tape is soft and can be torn off with bare hands, and can be used without tools.

The high temperature masking tape is specifically designed to help protect the surrounding surface from overspray, provide a clean paint line, and remove easily and cleanly after completion. High-temperature masking tape also includes high temperature masking tape, normal temperature masking tape, medium temperature masking tape, customers can choose according to their own use and needs. Although high-temperature masking tape can withstand high temperatures, it is usually widely used at room temperature. They can be used for house decoration, spray painting, color separation, and even the electronics industry. Not to mention the many advantages, there are countless!

This is the end of this article about what is high temperature masking tape. I hope it can be helpful to those who want to know. If you have any other questions, you can directly click the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online, and professional technicians will give you professional answers.

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