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What is KinesioTape?

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What is kinesiolo tape? Let Kunshan YuHuan's editorial tell you the role and use of kinesio tape.


When it comes to kinesio tape, also known as kinesio tape, mainly from kinesiology, mainly used in sports and physical therapy industry, can ensure that athletes have good sports efficiency at the same time, can also promote the early recovery of sports injuries, is a magical therapeutic effect of the tape.

Most of the people who use kinesio tape are sports players, because some of them may need to continue to play high-intensity sports for a long time, and continue to play the same high-intensity sports before the old injury is healed, it will add injury to injury, ** eventually leading to irreparable consequences.

Sports tape is a kind of elastic tape, the traditional plaster or medicine cloth is by the medicine, so a long time use may appear some discomfort symptoms, but sports tape but no medicine, its role mainly from the product itself in the tension and elasticity of the design.

The kinesio tape is applied to the injured muscles and the anatomical structure of the specific area to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce edema, promote healing, support soft tissues, relax soft tissues, correct posture and improve poor movement patterns.

Sports tape is widely used in current sports. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 50,000 rolls of tape were given to teams from 58 countries, and then sports tape started to appear on some famous athletes, such as Selena Williams and David Beckham.

In the 2012 London Olympics, we can see more famous athletes started to use kinesio tape, such as national beach volleyball player Ilkka Semler, Greek judo player Iliadis, Chinese diving player He Zi.

Of course, kinesio tape is not only for athletes, but also for people who do not exercise regularly but have joint pain.

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