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Which reflective tape to choose for freight cars

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Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to driving safety, and many products have emerged as a result. Reflective tape is the fastest growing and most valued product to improve driving safety. It is divided into different grades and standards according to different countries, including a super-strong reflective tape, which is very suitable for use on various trucks.

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The use of super-strong reflective tape can help the driver to distinguish the size and contour of the vehicle at night, increase the distance that the vehicle can be seen at night, and warn front and rear vehicles in advance, which greatly improves the safety factor of the vehicle. This product is mainly used for warning signs of trucks, engineering vehicles, fire trucks and dangerous goods transportation vehicles, and is a personal guardian of vehicle safety. Super-strength reflective tape presents bright colors during the day, and can also provide super-reflective effects at night, which can improve driving safety at any time. Moreover, the reflective performance is superior, and the good reflective effect can still be achieved when the incident angle reaches 90 degrees. Durability is also very good and can effectively resist the effects of weather, dust and aging.

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