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Which road traffic reflective tape can be used for 3 years

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In recent years, the use of reflective tape on traffic roads has gradually become popular, and many road traffic signs have adopted it. But with the passage of time or road maintenance and rectification, the replacement of reflective tape marks is inevitable. Do you know under what circumstances it needs to be replaced? Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. will answer for you.

1. The product has exceeded its service life

Many people who have known this product know that reflective tape has a useful life, and products that exceed the useful life may have various problems. For example, the film surface fades, the reflection brightness is low, and even peeling occurs. If the marking reflective tape exceeds the service life, there will be a problem of ambiguity in the indication information, which will not provide correct road information and can no longer guarantee road safety.

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2. Road information changes

As the number of years increases, there will often be road rectification, change or change of road names. In this case, in order to avoid misleading pedestrians, the signs must be replaced in time.

3. Choose better quality reflective tape

Due to the increase in demand, the development of the reflective material industry is very rapid. Competitive pressure will stimulate the upgrading of products, and more high-quality products will emerge. Reflective tape products are changing with each passing day, and there will be reflective tapes with higher reflective brightness, stronger adhesive performance, and more convenient use, which can better protect road safety. If there is a better quality reflective tape, it can also be replaced.

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