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Anti slip tape-interpretation of types and advantages

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Anti slip tape is an important part of today's anti-slip measures. Do a good job of anti-skid protection on the ground to ensure the safety of the feet of the elderly and children. The warranty time of the anti slip tape after use is determined according to the actual place, and the indoor toilet is generally about 2 years.

Anti slip tape, also known as anti-slip tape, is a kind of floor decoration material. It is made of pvc/pet base material and emery. Various specifications and models. Various colors, small bulk density, compression resistance, abrasion resistance, and moisture resistance. Some have been printed and processed for decoration. It is mostly used for the ground and floor slabs of public buildings and civil buildings. So, let me explain the types of anti slip tape to everyone in detail.


The first type is pvc type, which is mainly used for outdoor stairs, the ground, and large public places. Its working principle is: the emery is electrostatically adsorbed on the pvc surface, and the particles are distributed according to the evenly densely spread emery, thereby increasing the coefficient of friction and realizing the anti-slip effect.

The second type is the pet type, which is also mainly used for outdoor stairs, the ground, and large public places. Its working principle is the same as that of pvc, but generally pet models will be more durable.

The third type is peva. This is an environmentally friendly skin-friendly material. It is generally used indoors or in areas where it is in direct contact with the skin. The above materials can be customized into various shapes according to die-cutting, and different equipment is used. This material is generally transparent, and there are other materials that can be hard brushed.

The advantages of sticking non-slip tape are

1. Subvert the traditional anti-skid concept:

The non-slip bricks sold in the market at this stage only use the uneven surface to prevent slip, and lose their effectiveness when exposed to water or oil, and are not slip resistant. The ground that has been processed by the anti-skid tape can run on it without slipping when it meets water or oil. Once the anti-skid processing is processed, the anti-skid effect is long-lasting.

2. Do not change the original appearance of the tiles:

After the anti-skid processing, it is not easy to damage the original appearance of the ground, basically no changes and influences are seen, and the original appearance of the floor tiles is maintained.

3. Fast installation speed:

Processing can be done at the convenience of the user. Generally, small and medium-sized areas can be completed within a few hours, and the enterprise can operate normally, reducing the trouble to the minimum. After anti-skid processing, it is not easy to affect the original appearance of the ground and the cleaning and maintenance work. The anti-slip effect is obvious, and the service life is long.

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