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Why Does High Temperature Tape Have Adhesive Residue?

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High temperature tape can be used in places where the ambient temperature is relatively high, but some people find that after tearing off the high-temperature tape will be found on the object with residual glue, and this is why? Here we will analyze for you, the reason why this situation has arisen what are the reasons.

high temperature tape

  1, High temperature tape temperature resistance is not very good, in the baking paint or oil spraying and so on some need for high temperature treatment of the surface, the temperature change of the environment is relatively large. For example, when baking paint, usually need high-temperature tape can reach 210-220 degrees Celsius temperature resistance, while the requirements of oil spraying is the need for high-temperature tape with 180-200 degrees Celsius temperature resistance. So it is advisable to go to a regular, professional high-temperature tape production to participate in the purchase. This is not only the purchase of high-temperature tape quality is more secure, and there will be professional technical staff to provide you with the correct method of use, so that you will not appear when using the residual glue.

  2, The temperature of the coating line, you need to check whether the surface technology treatment within the high temperature, whether the temperature is too high, the furnace temperature sensor device is normal.

  3, High-temperature tape itself products there are some problems, and then the production of high-temperature tape, is not in accordance with the requirements required for pressure-sensitive adhesive baking to line heating reinforcement, if the curing time is not reached, or the speed of the coating line is very fast, will cause the glue and the base material and the bottom coating glue can not be completely integrated.

  4, High-temperature tape semi-finished products must be placed for 2-3 days, so that the glue and the substrate can be completely combined, the glue can be cured in its natural state.

  The above is why high-temperature tape will have residual glue this problem, I hope it can help you, we must also pay attention when using, so as to avoid residual glue, affecting the effect.


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