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Masking tape

When we paint, we can stick the tape where we need to be blocked, and slowly tear it off after the painting is finished.

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Tape is widely used in our daily life, and I believe we all know it. As the demand for adhesive tapes is diversifying, there are various types of tapes available in the market. Have you ever heard of masking tape? It has a wide range of uses, so let's learn about the use of masking tape and other conditions.

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Tape is often seen in life. High temperature masking tape is the same as ordinary tape, which is slippery on one side and sticky on the other. The difference is that the material used on the surface of the paper tape is crepe paper. High temperature masking tape can withstand high temperature up to 180 °C. For some industries with high temperature operations, high temperature and high temperature masking tape can be used. Compared with ordinary tape, there will be no gelation during use. Let's ask our editor to give you a detailed explanation of the use and use of high-temperature masking tape. Let's have a detailed understanding of it through the article.

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Masking tape is made of crepe paper and pressure-sensitive glue, that is, the adhesive of pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the back of the crepe paper, and the anti-corrosion material is applied to the other side to make the tape. Masking tape has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high adhesion, softness and no residue. So, what should be paid attention to in the process of use? Do you need to choose different types according to different applications? The following is a brief introduction for you.

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According to its temperature resistance, it can be divided into the following three categories:Normal temperature masking tape,Medium temperature masking tape,High temperature masking tape

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