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Masking tape is also made into artist tape,painter's tape. It is made of paper and rubber, which is very safe, and it has the advantages of colorful residue, easy to tear by hand, good initial adhesion, not easy to stick, and can withstand high temperature. This tape is widely used. 

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Masking Tape Types

Divided into various types according to different application scenarios, such as high temperature resistant masking tape, normal temperature paper masking tape, medium temperature masking tape, decorative masking tape, masking tape, color masking tape, composite Masking tape, spray paint tape.

Uses of Masking Tape 

When we paint, we can stick the tape where we need to be blocked, and slowly tear it off after the painting is finished.

When we want to change the color for the house and car, we can stick the tape where we don't want the paint to arrive and just tear the tape off after the paint is over.

In addition, we can also use it to make the pattern we want, and we can write words on it.

If you want to use it elsewhere, you can contact us.

Professional Masking Tape Manufacturer

 Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd has 17 years of experience in the production of masking tapes, we have a professional team to customize all kinds of tapes you want,If you have any other questions, you can directly click the link below and contact us online!

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