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Six Must-Have Tape Solutions for Boat Building and Repair

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From building to end-of-season storage, tape is a trusted tool.

It’s no secret that boats require proper care and attention from start to finish – and that includes when in use and storage. But it isn’t as widely acknowledged that tape plays a major factor in rework reduction and finish protection.

Here are six tapes you need to have on-hand:

  1. Performance Masking Tapes

    To avoid tape residue, paint bleed and other inconveniences caused by extreme conditions like heat, weather and solvents, a quality performance masking tape designed with high durability is necessary.

    Proper mold preparation is an important step for the exterior finish of a boat build. Mold release products are used to prep the surface so that the hull, deck or any of the accompanying component parts will easily release from the mold once finished, but they create a slick and slippery surface that can be hard to stick to when applying tape. A quality performance masking tape will be engineered to withstand these low surface energy applications.

    UV light and thermal degradation are enemies to adhesion – ultimately causing residue. Performance masking tapes are engineered to hold up against processes and conditions such as bake ovens, gel coat curing, outdoor application, resins, topcoats and more.Another contributing factor to time consuming cleanup, damage and rework is paint bleed. The tape you choose should provide high adhesion and a sharp edge on a variety of surfaces.

  2. Paint and Fineline Tapes

    A quality painter’s tape is perfect for sharp lines and no residue in lower-tack jobs. There are options for a variety of surfaces and temperatures, so make sure the tape you choose aligns with the job at-hand.For pin stripes and other specialty designs, straight and conformable fineline masking tapes are flexible to a variety of tight or curved surfaces.

  3. General Purpose Masking Tapes

    General purpose masking tapes are ideal for noncritical masking applications, as well as bundling and sealing.These applications could include masking off for paint or resin overspray and assisting in the mold flange release process – or simple marking, labeling and taping off sleeves.

  4. Shrink and Hull Preservation Tapes

    Shrink tapes are specially designed for the storing process. Reinforce boat heat shrink wrap seams to create a tight, continuous seal that protects the vessel during seasonal storage or transportation.

  5. Duct and Specialty Tapes

    Duct tape can be used in a multitude of applications – especially the messier ones. Use duct tape to tape off floors with rosin paper or fiberboard sheets to protect from resin spray and other residue.

    For stringer building, duct tape can be used to protect decks and stainless-steel fixtures during the rigging and finishing processes. Duct tape can also be used in resin transfer molding and loose bag infusion molding to hold the mold in place or tape down plastic.

    Other specialty tapes may include a waterproof tape. Choose one durable and flexible enough for a wide range of emergency fixes and waterproofing repairs.

  6. Electrical Tapes

    While the most common color is black, most electrical tapes come in a variety of colors. Each color has a specific purpose – primarily to indicate voltage levels and identify different circuits. For any level of electrical taping, look for a UL Listed tape.

Looking to update your boat care inventory? Check out Tape Solutions for the Marine Market for specific products engineered with durability and versatility for a range of applications.


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