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Can You Put Anti Slip Tape On Shoes?

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Most of the girls who like to wear high heels will have a distress, the general sole of the non-slip engraved pattern most can not stop slipping, if walking on a smooth tile surface or worry about slipping. So what can be done to solve this problem? If you are troubled by this problem, let's learn how to solve it.

Can you put anti slip tape on shoes?

As we all know, anti slip tape is often put on the stairs of shopping malls, schools and hotels to prevent people from slipping and falling on them. At this time, some people ask, the same is the role of anti-slip, can you put anti slip tape on shoes? As Kunshan Yuhuan with 16 years of anti-skid experience, anti slip tape can be attached to shoes, and the anti-slip effect is very good, thanks to the design of 80# alumina sand/quartz sand/adamantine on the surface of the tape, it adds traction between the smooth tile floor and the sole of the shoe, greatly reducing the incidence of slip and fall accidents, and anti-slip tape also has the characteristics of firm adhesion, water and oil resistance, it can better Protect the girl wearing high heels. It is also easy to use and easy to follow.


How to apply anti slip tape on shoes?

Prepare tools: rag, scissors

First, wipe the soles of the heels with the soles facing upwards to keep them dry.

Cut a small triangular piece of anti slip tape according to the shape of the sole.

The sticky side of the shoe is attached to the center of the foot, if possible, it is best to cut a small piece of the bottom of the heel size of the anti slip tape attached to the heel, can better play the role of anti-slip.

To sum up, you can stick anti slip tape on shoes, I hope the above introduction can help you, if you have any other questions about anti slip tape, you can mouse click on the link below,contact us online.

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