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Is Anti Slip Tape Waterproof?

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Is anti slip tape waterproof? This is a question that many customers often ask when buying, because in many application scenarios, there will be water. Will the tape still adhere well and firmly to the object being taped when it gets wet?


The question of how waterproof the tape is needs to be considered from various aspects, one is to look at the base material, one is the surface sand/rubber particles, and another is the adhesive. From these three aspects to ensure that the anti slip tape can still be used after the water.

For example, the base material of anti slip tape has PVC, its scientific name is polyvinyl chloride, this material is less stable to light and heat, but the physical and chemical properties are stable, insoluble in water, alcohol, gasoline, gas and water vapor permeability is low, so the PVC material will not be wet after the water, but also can be used. Next is the anti-slip tape surface grit, its surface grit is most often used diamond sand. Diamond sand wear resistance performance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, it does not absorb water. The last is the adhesive, the use of acrylic oil glue anti slip tape, glue glue adhesion is relatively strong, have good oil resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-aging. From the structure of acrylic is waterproof, it can be directly constructed on a variety of substrates in wet or dry.

There is also a PEVA anti slip tape, the surface is rubber particles, is designed for bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and other places with high water flow, so do not worry about this feature of waterproof. At the same time peva material is soft and skin-friendly, will not rub the skin, if your family has children, this tape is more suitable to stick on the stairs for anti-slip.

From the above three aspects, whether it is PVC material or peva material, are waterproof, you can rest assured that the use, do not worry about whether it will be degummed, not sticky, if you have any other questions want to know, you can directly mouse click the link below,contact us online!

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