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How much spacing is appropriate for using anti-slip tape? -Anti-slip tape manufacturer

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Anti-slip tape is a product that can effectively improve the friction of the ground, mainly used for various indoor and outdoor floors, such as stairs, ramps, corridors, etc., to reduce the risk of people slipping or falling when walking. In general, the color of anti-slip tape is usually black or white, and its surface texture is relatively rough, which can increase the friction of the ground to avoid people from slipping.


In addition to its anti-slip effect, anti-slip tape can also work on beautiful floors. Anti-slip tape not only has a special adhesive and water resistance, but also its longer service life, can be applied to a variety of different environments, extremely practical and convenient.

Anti-slip tape is very easy to use, just lay it on the ground that needs to be anti-slip, and it is very easy to maintain and replace. When laying the anti-slip tape, care should be taken to lay it smoothly, without obvious bubbles or wrinkles, to ensure its anti-slip effect. At the same time, in order to achieve the best anti-slip effect, the spacing between the laying of anti-slip tape should be determined according to the actual situation. It is generally recommended that the spacing of about 20cm, not only to ensure the anti-slip effect, but also does not affect the beauty of the ground.


Anti-slip tape sales market is very wide, you can buy in the building materials market, supermarkets, online stores and other places. Generally speaking, choose regular brands and manufacturers of anti-slip tape, the quality is guaranteed, the use of better results. 

Kunshan Yuhuan anti-slip tape manufacturer says you can also choose the appropriate brand and model of anti-slip tape according to your needs and budget. Finally, it should be noted that although anti-slip tape can effectively improve the anti-slip performance of the ground, it does not completely avoid the risk of people slipping and falling. 


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