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Is the reflective tape corrosion resistant?

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Reflective tape is based on different substrates and coated with pressure-sensitive glue. No matter what the substrate, its principle is the same. Its light-emitting principle is glass beads, and reflective tape uses micro glass beads to reflect the unit. Combined with polymer materials to form a sealed reflective film multilayer laminated reflective material. No matter what kind of substrate, the reflective tape has good water resistance, good working performance, and strong weather resistance. Recently, some customers will ask whether your reflective tape is corrosion-resistant?

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Regarding the question of whether the reflective tape is corrosion-resistant, the answer is yes, it is corrosion-resistant. But corrosion resistance also needs to distinguish things. Corrosion under natural conditions can be resisted. However, when facing some chemical components, it is not so clear, because no matter what is encountered with chemical components, it will be more or less. react. Therefore, it cannot be said that the reflective tape can be resistant to any corrosion. It is OK to separate the corrosion of the sun when used in the open air. The weather resistance and corrosion resistance of reflective tapes of different substrates are also different. You can consult a professional before using it.

Is the reflective tape corrosion resistant? Here is just a brief introduction. If you have any questions about reflective tape, you can also directly contact Kunshan Yuhuan manufacturers online by clicking the link below. Professional The technicians will give you more detailed information and solve your questions.

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