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The ground is too slippery and oily- Easy to solve with anti slip tape

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The kitchen is an area where we often move around at home. In addition to the dust that is common in the living room and dining room, the kitchen floor also has a cleaning problem: oil on the floor.

Oil on the ground is not only an annoyance in our daily cleaning, but the most dangerous part is that it is easy: slippery. If the elderly and children in the family are not paying attention, they will slip and fall. The consequences are not as simple as cleaning. There is more than a little bit of oil on the ground in the hotel, and the hotel staff will fall down if they don’t pay attention. Not to mention the customers, they still need the hotel to compensate for their losses if they slip and fall.

Can this nasty oil stain be solved like this? By coincidence, the editor happened to meet Mr. Feng, the restaurant owner who is troubled by this problem some time ago, because the kitchen floor is easy to get oily, and it is impossible to clean it all the time.

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The witty editor remembered the artifact of non-slip tape, and immediately recommended it to Mr. Feng, and asked Mr. Feng to try it first to see how it works. The results were surprisingly good, and Mr. Feng was also very happy. The problem that has been troubled for so long is finally solved

Why does the anti-slip tape work so well? Because there is a layer of sand on the surface of the anti slip tape, the common sand particles are quartz sand and emery. This characteristic determines the slip resistance of the anti slip tape, oil and water resistance.

Kitchens and restaurants have almost found friends, but the hygiene still needs to be cleaned frequently, and the anti slip tape can last longer!

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