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What Can Slip On The Soles?

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Since I learned about TV reports and accidents caused by slips around me, every time I refreshed everyone’s understanding of the damage that slips can cause, today I will focus on telling you the secrets of non-slip high heels. I believe many girls who love beauty, inside the shoe cabinet There is not just a pair of high heels. Various styles, but high-heeled shoes have a common danger, easy to fall. So how can we avoid the embarrassment of falling like this?


First of all, when we wear high heels, we must be very careful to avoid falling. Secondly, some ground itself is very slippery, so at this time, high-heeled shoes should take anti-slip measures. If your high-heeled shoes have low anti-slip properties, then follow me to learn. First, dry the soles and dry them without leaving any dust. Then, cut a piece of anti-slip sticker according to the size of the sole, tear off the back bottom paper, stick it on the sole, push it with a roller, squeeze out the air, and then dry it with a hair dryer, and then use it after it is completely dry.

The anti slip stickers on the soles work very well, I have used up 10 meters for so many years! ! And this one can be stored for 3 years, there will be no problem if it is not used up! This time there is also a cut-free model that uses PEVA's raw and auxiliary materials to be cut out by a machine, and you can paste it immediately after receiving it. There is no need to cut, but only certain styles of shoes are available temporarily!

The ones that can be DIY are also very easy to use! Usually, many expensive shoes are all made of leather. This slip-resistant upper can really protect the upper of the leather layer, and it can also prevent slippage!

This shoe upper non slip sticker is only suitable for shoes with smooth leather soles. Generally rubber soles are not acceptable, and there are also sports shoes with foam soles. All are not acceptable. The leather soles are worn more seriously. Uneven ones can't be used either! But for the ones you can use, you can get a shoe with boundless power after you put it on! ! You don’t need to be afraid of stones on the vamp~ The leather vamp is very delicate, so everyone must protect it!

This artifact can be said to be the gospel of the majority of women. It can protect their soles and wear them beautifully when going out.

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