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What does the Kinesiology Tape do?

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Suppose an accident or sickness hampered your movement and motor functions. Kinesiology taping may assist support your muscles, tendons, and joints, including your knees, ankles, and wrists.


Doctor Kenzo Kase created the Kinesiology tape in the 1970s. He pioneered many current Kinesiology taping methods and introduced the first commercially available tape, called Kinesio Tape.


The use of these tapes has gained widespread interest since it was spotted on the bodies of Olympic and professional athletes.


Do those brightly colored strips of tape benefit athletes by reducing musculoskeletal discomfort or curing injuries? May I also enlist their assistance? And what does Kinesiology tape do?


In this article, I'll explain everything about Kinesiology and how it may help you. 


Let's continue!


Kinesiology Tape: What Is It?


K Tape is often made from a thin, breathable, stretchy cotton or cotton mix. Its stretchiness does not limit its usefulness, and it is made to exert just enough pressure and support to build muscle and tissue resilience.

This tape has a medically-approved adhesive that keeps it in place even after being submerged in water or covered in sweat.

For those who are sensitive to latex, there are latex-free and hypoallergenic options. The tape will still be in place after several showers and workouts.

Many people who have tried KT say they saw an improvement in their condition after only day one.


What Does Kinesiology Taping Do?


K Tape may seem similar to elastic sports tape, but it serves a different purpose. The following are some of them:


· While sports tape supports and limits mobility, K. tape is used to enhance motion while inhibiting discomfort and spasms.

· On the other hand, the Kinesiology is designed to bend with your every action, while the athletic tape is stiffer.

· These tape boosts blood and lymph system flow. As a result of its strong binding characteristic, the athletic tape might reduce blood flow.


The Scientifically-Proven Benefits of Kinesiology Tape


So what are the benefits of these kinds of tapes? Scientists have discovered several remarkably beneficial effects of KT. I dug out some excellent benefits on this topic during my investigation. Read the following section for more details!


Pain Relief:


· Tape reduced discomfort and enhanced range of motion following DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

· K. tape may reduce pain similarly to cold or heat, but it should be used with exercise or physical therapy.

Significantly Reduce Swelling:


· The pain and swelling were significantly reduced by the combination of kinesiology tape and physical therapy (PT) for 4 weeks than by PT alone.

· According to research, edema can be reduced more quickly when a tape is used.


Enhanced Blood Circulation:


· When applied to the skin, kinesiology tape boosted circulation.

· However, the outcome was unaffected by the tape's tension or convolutions (hills and valleys formed on the skin upon the tape's application).


Incidence of fall in the Elderly:


· When applied to the lower legs of women with a history of falling, K. tape enhanced their dynamic surface balance.

· However, it did not affect the user's equilibrium when walking on level ground.


How can Kinesiology Tape Help People Who Use It?


The function of kinesiology is explained. There are various hypotheses about how it could function, but no one knows.


Potential Hypotheses


· Theoretical Gate Control:


A feeling is elicited and transmitted into the central nervous system when the tape is placed directly on the skin. This feeling blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain.

· Changing muscle activation.

· Enhancing blood flow.

Final Verdict: Choosing Your Kinesiology Tape


Seeking the best K. tape available? There are several types of tape on the market. However, we recommend EONBON'S Kinesiology Tape for the following reasons:


· 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex.

· 18 colors available (including 6 camo colors).

· Logo printing is available.

· Easy to apply with desired tension.

· Healthy and free of allergens.

· Waterproof and breathable.

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