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What Is Reflective Tape?

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Roads in all countries are constantly developing, especially motorway construction has entered a peak period of development. The rapidly developing traffic construction and road safety facilities have put forward new and higher requirements for road signs.

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Highway signs play an inescapable role in safeguarding road safety. Reflective tape is a necessary material for the production of public transport signs. So what is reflective tape?

It is understood that reflective tape is prefabricated using synthetic rubber and synthetic resin, with strong adaptability, easy construction, good reflectivity, long service life, self-cleaning and other characteristics, can be used as traffic marking lines, symbols, text, etc.. Especially when driving at night, the markings are reflective and extraordinarily bright and eye-catching.

High performance road reflective tape has many advantages and can be widely used on urban and rural roads, highways, docks, airports, toll stations, car parks and temporary demarcation of activity areas. The high performance road reflective tape can be laid on the road surface to allow vehicle traffic to pass, thus ensuring that the work is carried out with the road and avoiding traffic congestion. Because of its excellent reflectivity, it is highly visible day or night, sunny or rainy, warning drivers of safe driving at all times.

The reflective tape works on the principle that its surface is made of a unique concave and convex pattern and reflective glass microspheres, with a specially formulated synthetic resin, pigments and additives on the inner layer, which are evenly adhered to the inner resin and have a strong reflective effect even when the surface is worn. The unique concave and convex pattern optimises safety to the maximum, providing drivers with warning through sound and vibration when wheels press over the markings, resulting in sharper and safer lane markings. It makes up for the long-lasting performance and reflective properties of the reflective road marking paint used for many years, and the shortage of long service life and construction time. According to foreign information, the use of highway reflective tape than hot melt paint accident rate reduced by about 30%.

The emergence of reflective tape products is a major contribution to road development and traffic safety. I believe that through the above several aspects of the introduction, I hope to make you more impressed with reflective tape, if you have any other questions, you can use your mouse to click on the links below to contact us online.

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