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How Reflective Tape Works?

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Life often in the road stakes, railings, toll booths and garages, we can often see there are reflective tape reflective stickers, it is mainly through the role of reflective, to remind drivers and friends in the limited area of the car, do not run into objects or hit the wall corners, but also all for the safety of everyone in driving. Reflective tape is a type of tape that reflects and fluoresces when it encounters light and light at night and in the dark, acting as a warning and reminder. Reflective tape for use in garages can be customised to the size required to better contribute to driving safety. Next let's learn how reflective tape works.

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How reflective tape works

Under normal circumstances, when you get a roll of reflective tape, you will find that it is actually non-reflective, but when a light source is directed onto the tape, it will emit a light. So how does reflective tape work? Where does the light source come from? The reflective part of the reflective tape is made by an advanced process using high refractive index glass beads that return to the principle of reflection and are post processed through focusing. It can reflect direct light from a distance back to the luminous place, and has good retro-reflective optical properties both in the daytime and at night. Especially at night, it is as highly visible as during the day. The reflective tape is not reflective at every angle, it depends on whether there is a light source coming from every angle, if there is a light source coming, it will play a reflective role. If there is a light source, it will be reflective, but the intensity of the reflection will be different.

With this high visibility reflective material, the tape can be easily detected by night-time drivers, whether the user is at a distance, in the presence of light or in the presence of scattered light. Reflective materials are the solution to the night-time driving problem of "seeing" and "being seen".

Reflective tape can be divided into: yellow and black twill reflective tape, red and white twill reflective tape, yellow and black positive reflective tape, red and white positive reflective tape, reflective body stickers and so on.

When you choose, you can choose according to your needs, you need high reflective brightness, choose to meet the brightness needs, Kunshan Yuhuan production of multi-material reflective tape, you any related reflective tape problems, you can click the link below, online to get in touch with us.

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