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What Is The Use Of Anti Slip Tape?

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According to statistics, slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the general industry, causing 15% of workplace deaths. Slips, trips and falls can cause sprains, strains, fractures, cuts, bruises and even concussions, which often hinder people's progress at work and can cause significant injuries.


There are many reasons for falls in everyday workplaces, such as wet areas, surfaces covered with dry materials (e.g. dust, powder or shavings), recently cleaned or polished areas and differences in height (e.g. ramps, stairs or uneven surfaces) which can make floors slippery and difficult to work on. Next we will look at how to prevent slippage in such places.

There are several ways to deal with anti-slip in everyday life, installing anti-slip decorative strips, anti-slip mats, applying anti-slip agents, but there are also people who respond that anti-slip decorative strips are expensive and laborious, anti-slip mats need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they will become areas where dirt is hidden, anti-slip agents are worried about whether they are environmentally friendly, and professional staff have to do the work. The rough surface of the grit increases the traction between the sole and the slippery surface, increasing friction and thus reducing the probability of a fall. The hard grit surface is also widely used in various places.

1. Hospitals

The most suitable public places for anti-slip and fall prevention are, first and foremost, hospitals. Most hospitals have smooth tiled floors. In areas such as paediatrics, gynaecology, orthopaedics and inpatient departments, where there are elderly people, children, pregnant women and patients with mobility problems, it is important to pay attention to anti-slip.

2. Schools

Kindergartens and primary and secondary schools are particularly important. Although most kindergartens are not very tall, they do have three floors, so it is important to prevent slips on stairs and floors. Children in primary and secondary schools are very energetic and usually run and jump very recklessly, so these schools should also pay attention to anti-slip. In addition to stairs and classrooms, it is also advisable to put some anti slip tape on the floor of the canteen in primary and secondary schools to prevent slipping.

3. Nursing homes

Nursing homes are full of elderly people who have difficulty with their legs as they get older, so care should be taken to prevent slippage in places where they have to pass frequently. Anti slip tapes used in nursing homes can be made with a luminous finish to help the elderly see the road at night. Anti-slip is only a precautionary measure and it is best to have someone with the elderly.

These are the uses of anti slip tape, but of course it can also be used in swimming pools, stations, underground train platforms, marinas, hotels, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms, sports grounds, fitness and recreation rooms, lift entrances, pedestrian ramps, cargo yards, work areas and decks. Anti slip tapes can also be used on recreational excursion vehicles, boats, trailers, trucks, aircraft suspension ladders and large or small power equipment. If you too are suffering from slips, trips and falls, try using anti slip tape.

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