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What To Put On Stairs To Prevent Slipping?

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There are various types of staircases, but no matter which material they are made of, they are not immune to slippage. The common marble or wooden staircases, in particular, can easily cause people to slip and fall if they are not careful. If there are elderly people and children in the home, it is even more important to pay attention to the anti-slip treatment of stairs. So, what are the common anti-slip treatment methods for stairs? This is something that many of our friends are very confused about. Don't worry, if you also have this need, why not come with me to learn more about staircase anti-slip knowledge.


Staircase composition

1. Stair sections

The number of steps on each stair section must not exceed 18 and must not be less than 3.

2. Stair platform

The staircase platform is divided into a floor platform and an intermediate platform according to its location.

3. Railings (balustrades) and handrails

The balustrade (handrail) is an enclosing element set in the staircase section and on the airside of the platform, which should have a certain strength and rigidity, and should be set at the top for people's hands to support the handrail. The handrail is a continuous accessory located at the top of the balustrade for people to lean on when going up and down the stairs.

4. General column

Staircase railings start at the beginning of the big column, generally larger than the big column to one.

5. Large column

The big column at the corner of the balustrade, to take two handrails or to make the end of the handrail.

6. Tread

The lower panel on the staircase, generally 38MM on the whole and 30MM thick on the concrete staircase.

Staircase classification

A component used in buildings as a means of transportation between floors. It consists of a succession of stair sections, a platform and an enclosure structure. Stairs must also be provided in high-rise buildings with lifts. Staircases are divided into two categories: general staircases and special staircases. Ordinary staircases include reinforced concrete staircases, steel staircases and wooden staircases, among which reinforced concrete staircases have more advantages in terms of structural rigidity, fire resistance, cost, construction and modelling, and are most commonly used. Special staircases are mainly 3 types of staircases: safety staircases, fire ladders and escalators.

According to the space can be divided into indoor stairs and outdoor stairs. Indoor staircases, literally explained, are used in a variety of residential applications, and because of the pursuit of indoor beauty and comfort, indoor staircases are mostly made of solid wood, steel and wood, steel and glass, reinforced concrete or a variety of mixed materials, of which solid wood staircases are the most widely used staircases in high-end residential applications, steel and glass mixed structure staircases in modern offices, office buildings, shopping malls, showrooms and other applications, reinforced concrete Staircases are widely used in various duplex buildings. The outdoor staircases are not so suitable for the beautiful wooden staircases, steel staircases and metal staircases because of the natural factors such as wind, rain and sun.

Anti-slip staircase treatment methods

Apply anti slip tape

This is a way of preventing slippage of the stairs by applying 1-2 strips of anti slip tape to the edge of the treads. The width of the tape is 5cm and the surface is made of emery, which provides a very high level of friction. Some people are concerned that the anti slip tape will be desanded over time, fall off, leave residual adhesive, or not match the colour of the stairs. If you use Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape, you don't need to worry about this problem. The tape is manufactured with a 20% thicker sand layer and electrostatic sand flocking technology, which makes the sand layer less likely to fall off and more durable. And you don't have to worry about mismatch, anti slip tape in a wide range of colours, you can choose according to your needs, and it is convenient and simple to build, economical.

Although anti slip tapes are said to be non-slip, the daily cleaning and maintenance of stairs is also very important!

Stair cleaning and maintenance

Staircase moisture is an important part of staircase maintenance, whether it is a wooden staircase or a metal staircase, the treads, handrails, accessories and other locations need to be well protected from moisture. If you do not do a good job of moisture protection, not only the wood is prone to mildew, metal accessories will also appear rusty, thus affecting the overall structure and function of the stairs.

Countermeasures: frequent varnishing is necessary

Maintenance skills: cleaning methods should be carefully chosen

Stairs should also be protected against wear and tear.

Response: Waxing is the most important maintenance

Maintenance skills: laying carpets for good protection

Response: White vinegar and water wipe clean

Maintenance tips: Protecting against moisture is most important

Response: Remember not to wash directly with water

Maintenance tips: Do not expose to sunlight for a long time

The above provides a variety of staircase anti-slip way to provide you with reference, hope to be able to help you! If you are looking for what to put on your stairs to prevent slips and falls? You can try some anti slip tape.

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